We have a great team of graduate and undergraduate students, committed to research in earthquake engineering and community resilience. Contact Abbie for information about joining our group. In the meantime, read more about us below! 

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, M.S. Student in structures

Eric studies how mitigation strategies for induced earthquakes affect levels of risk. His work focuses on relating models of induced earthquake occurrence and characteristics with nonlinear dynamic analysis of structural performance.

Jakub Valigura, ph.d. student in structures

Jakub is conducting life-cycle assessment of a novel bridge system, the Hybrid-Sliding-Rocking system, and comparing it to more conventional seismic bridge designs.  He will be presenting his work at the 2018 Structures Congress. 

Jakub is co-advised by Professor Petros Sideris, Texas A&M

Zach Bullock

Zach Bullock

Zachary Bullock, Ph.D. Student in StructuRes/GEOTECH

Zach is developing a performance-based for procedure for assessing the consequences of liquefaction and for designing liquefaction mitigation. To date, he has developed probabilistic procedures for predicting settlement and tilt of shallow-founded structures. 

Zach is co-advised by Professors Shideh Dashti and Keith Porter.

Casie Venable

Casie Venable

Casie Venable, Ph.D. Student in civil systems

Casie is investigating housing reconstruction projects that are implemented after disasters, assessing the structural performance of the houses as well the participation of community members in design and construction. 

Casie is co-advised by Professor Amy Javernick Will.

Casie was recognized in 2018 as one of ASCE's New Faces in Civil Engineering.  Congratulations, Casie! 


Mohammad Salehi, Ph.D. Student in structures

Mohammad is improving our understanding of an accelerated bridge construction concept for high seismic regions, the Hybrid Sliding Rocking system. Mohammad has developed advanced numerical strategies for capturing the system's complex behavior, and is conducting some experiments on the system.

Mohammad's primary advisor is Professor Petros Sideris at Texas A&M. 

Mohammad Salehi

Mohammad Salehi

Polly Murray

Polly Murray


Polly Murray, Ph.d. Student in structures

Polly is modeling seismic response of reinforced concrete structures, studying residual capacity and the effect of incremental construction techniques. 

DUSTIN COOK, PH.D. Student in structures

Dustin is working on advancing seismic loss assessments, particularly comparing FEMA P-58 assessments to HAZUS and ATC 13. In addition, Dustin is contributing to a project benchmarking ASCE 41 in comparison to earthquake damage for reinforced concrete buildings.

Dustin Cook

Dustin Cook


Hailey Rae Rose, Ph.d. Student in structures and geotech

Hailey is a GAANN Fellowship student and starting her research on underground infrastructure which includes box structures and pipelines. She will be doing a lot of centrifuge work once her official research starts this summer.

Hailey is co-advised by Brad Wham and Shideh Dashti.



Briar Goldwyn, PH.D. Student in construction engineering and management

Briar is studying the construction of houses in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Right now, she is focused on household risk perceptions of informally and incrementally constructed houses. 

Briar is co-advised by Professor Amy Javernick-Will. 

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Former graduate students

Bridger Baird, University of Colorado, MS 2019

Joel Berger, University of Colorado, MS 2019

Robert Chase, University of Colorado, PhD 2018

Samantha Grey, University of Colorado, MS 2018

Balaji Paramasivam, University of Colorado, PhD 2018

Jenny Ramirez, University of Colorado, PhD 2018