New paper related to induced seismicity by Magali Barba-Sevilla, Bridger Baird, Abbie Liel and Kristy Tiampo published in Remote Sensing!

Hazard Implications of the 2016 Mw 5.0 Cushing, OK Earthquake from a Joint Analysis of Damage and InSAR Data by Magali Barba-Servilla, Bridger W. Baird, Abbie Liel and Kristy Tiampo

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Although it is well-established that large-scale wastewater disposal in the Arbuckle formation is linked to the recent rise in seismicity in Oklahoma, few studies in Oklahoma have shown surface deformation resulting from induced seismicity or from wastewater injection or both. In our two-part study, we observe both the surface deformation leading up to the November 2016 Mw 5.0 earthquake and its coseismic signal using a satellite radar technique known as Differential Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (DInSAR). In the first half, we perform a spatiotemporal correlation analysis of DInSAR derived surface deformation, wastewater injection, and seismicity in Cushing, OK. In the second half of the analysis, we invert for the source of the November 2016 event using DInSAR coseismic images, we classify photos of structural damage for the event, and compare their spatial signature.