Predicting Liquefaction-Induced Settlement and Tilt of Buildings

Zach Bullock has produced two models relevant to liquefaction consequences. One predicts settlements of shallow-founded structures, considering soil, foundation and structural properties.  The other predicts tilt (or permanent rotation) of mat-founded structures. Both models are fully probabilistic. 

Check out these resources to get started: 

1) the manuscript describing the settlement model ("A physics-informed semi-empirical probabilistic model for the settlement of shallow-founded structures on liquefiable ground"), published in Geotechnique 

2)  the manuscript describing the tilt model ("Probabilistic Models for Residual and Peak Transient Tilt of Mat-Founded Structures on Liquefiable Soils"), recently accepted by the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

3) a spreadsheet for implementing both settlement and tilt models. 

Details about the numerical simulations of soil-foundation-structure interaction on liquefiable ground that partially underlay the models is in a paper available from Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering.